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From the Thunder was eliminated, has been more than a week in the past, do not know, ahead of the holiday fishing less, whether it will always pay attention to the NBA game,welcome to our NBA Live Coins site https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins. Looking back this season, the little personal achievements even if the history of the river, but also enough to flash dazzling brilliance. Regular season, Wei less 42 games played three pairs, averaging three pairs, but also won the season scoring, to gather the three miracles, since the basketball campaign so far, I am afraid only one person. Even if the first round of the playoffs, the Thunder is not too much suspense by the Rockets 4-1 eliminated, but the young can still be high head to leave. And the end of June season summary of the General Assembly, Granville little less expected, will also be the regular season MVP trophy into the arms. Complex series of the first round of the series, Wei really little effort. 5 war down, Wei less field under the H-37.4 points 10.8 assists 11.6 rebounds, compared with the regular season data, only increased unabated. 5 games, he has three war to play three pairs, there are two war scoring more than 45, these are enough to match the history of the NBA legend; and when the teammate mischief at a loss, but also he came out again and again, the thunder from the dying To save. Compared to Wei less, Harden first round of five games, but did not play the state should be. Series 5 war, Harden averaged only three points hit rate of only 24%, averaging mistakes and fouls also created a career high. In the game, Harden can no longer calmly pass the organization, can no longer feel in the various modes of attack between the switch. Thunder very targeted defense, in the Harden body, did play a role. But when the rocket finally overturned the thunder, when the promotion of the Western Conference semifinals, almost everyone had to admit that the Rockets won the series, not only by Harden, but the thunder could not escape, it can not only Rely on less power less This season, there are too many helpers in the rocket array. Regular season, the Rockets in addition to Harden, a total of 9 people are averaging more than 9 points, of which 5 are averaging more than 10 points. To the playoffs, De Kerr injured, Trevor Ariza, Anderson lost, but even so, the first round of 5 war, the Rockets bench field is still under the Husha 46.8 points, still ranked first in all league teams. G1, first Beverly to come forward, he can score the attack, the defense also made great trouble to create less. He Jincheng closing down, the key one-third, the success of the rocket to help open the door to victory. G2, Granville little hair divinity, leap 51 points, once the rocket defense at a loss. However, the bench gun Eric - Gordon and Louis - Williams stood out, the former hit three three points, get 22 points, the latter three-pointers is 4 in 3, gains 21 points, so that less effort In vain. Came to G4, when the rocket once again in danger, seeing the big score will be flattened when the time. Brazilian old beast inside to come forward. That war, within the inside of the play is called the epic level, he 12 cast 12, scored 28 points and 10 rebounds. Bring the history of the team Yao Ming did not play the miracle, played with the ancient legend of Chamberlain shoulder God data. The Thunder side, the role of the players for the support of Wei is really limited. Last summer, the focus of the introduction of the Oradi wave, completely worthy of the title of the two headed, Adams, Canter, Robson and others, only know that bulkhead defense, the attack did not exist. Even worse, to the most stalemate stage of the game, Robson also fell into the rocket "slaughtered" trap. His free throws continuous blacksmith, so that the struggling, stretched thunder of the thunder, completely lost the hope of comeback. Often to the playoffs stage, the importance of defense, will always be pulled up to a new height. But can not deny that, now in the NBA, the attack is king. How to use the most intensive, fastest, most accurate way, the ball into the opponent's basket, which is all teams are painstaking research topics.


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