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Pat McCrory and the states Republican leaders said they would seek the laws repeal if the city of Charlotte would do the same for the trans non discrimination ordinance which prompted it.Charlottes response: nope  The game was played in horizontal view. As technology developed the game could be played in the isometric view, and now with state of the art gaming consoles, it is possible to play it in 3D. The likeness of the players to the real players of the LOLGA team, including their signature moves, was a first so far.Now that we have smartphones capable of almost equal performance as PC console, the game can be played anywhere that is convenient for you. What the real team offers, this game offers you on your fingertips. You can do everything that the players do on the field, like raining foul shouts, hustling through fast paced quarters to beat your rivals, and win coins and packs as you play.The city originally passed City Ordinance last February. The measure banned discrimination against trans people by local businesses. It also affirmed the right of trans people to use the bathroom of their gender identity in public spaces, which is what freaked out state Republicans into passing HB. In a news release last Friday by the the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association, the lobbying group said it had received assurances from McCrory and friends that HB would be killed if Charlottes ordinance was scrapped. The lobbyists called on the city to do so at its Monday council meeting. The unintended consequences of Charlotte City Ordinance and House Bill have taken a considerable toll on our state as a whole the statement read.


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