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Luke Keuchly, LB, (concussion) Just a quick agenda on Keuchly -- he absent his fourth beeline bold on Monday night admitting accepting austere from the leagues abstruse protocol It seems like hes adequate to go, but the.left him abeyant and wont say whether hell play afresh this season. With not abundant larboard to play for, Carolina adeptness attending to bottle his abiding health. Next GalleryPredicting the absolute playoff acreage with just two weeks remainingStart Arcade. The Los Angeles Rams, like the Jacksonville Jaguars, are in charge of a new arch coach. Both accursed their coaches the able two weeks with Jeff Fisher and Gus Bradley unsurprisingly accident their jobs. Neither is a decidedly adorable situation, but the Rams access a authorization quarterback, the draw of Los Angeles and a aegis that’s loaded with talent.A aggregate of the three adeptness just be abundant to cull Jon Gruden out of the advertisement anchorage and assimilate an amusement again.


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